What we do...

Leverage custom features and resources to integrate highly scale-able, cross-platform, shareable AR experiences

Interaction Toolkit

Add interactivity to your AR apps by calling resources through your API composer, and simplifying the coding enviroment,

Cloud Connect

Create shared AR spaces by using cloud features to connect between devices.

Instant AR

Create rich, instant AR content and experiences that are small, lightweight, and fast.

Cloud Editor

Develop AR projects using our fully featured Editor and collaborate with team members in real time.


Leverage alternate AR tools whist also using photo-realistic rendering, physics device optimizations, and more.

Mixed and Augmented Reality

Extend Augmented reality through virtual reality and mixed reality dynomics, Code across various experiences

Context-aware Positioning

Reality is our target. Context aware positioning calculates for lighting, walls, object collisions, and makes the AR experience more immersive.

Semantic Data layer

Pull Data - location data, map data, product data and more – from any source, including our platform. (e.g., Apple, Google, Magic Leap, and Microsoft)

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  • MVP & Testing
    Since November 2019 the ARo team has been working on a computation engine to deploy digital experiences. The compute engine v1 was used to test the market, and attract clients interested in a more flushed out product.
  • Alpha Testing
    Q2 2020 Aro Cloud Compute is due to release. Where clients can develop Augmented Reality and virtual reality experiences with tools that they are already familiar with. This allows medium and small size developers to create deeply engaging experiences with a lower barrier for entry and the cost to create a polished product. This Limited Launch strengthens the core technologies of the company, and allows our Alpha testers to accelerate development cycles.
  • Beta Testing
    Mid Q3 2020 we are on track to deploy several Augmented Reality Experiences in State College, Philadelphia, and New York. These experiences and Applications are developed in-house, by 3rd party licensors, and independent developers. This stage of development ensure scaling, load balancing and concurrent user benchmarking.
  • Public API Launch v1
    2021 We launch our cloud deployment suite. Allowing users tp self-host or cloud-host development servers, we also manage code optimization and automated cross-platform testing. The Public API will be accessible through code, and through a web dashboard.

ARo CloudMD Demo

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